Pitchforks and Parallel Institutions

Election Day +2: State officials  think Biden is going to lose.  So they stop counting — and announce three more days of counting.  Additional ballots don’t need to be signed or postmarked.  Could be photocopied by the thousands — doesn’t matter — just keep counting until they get enough ballots to make Biden win.

That’s like playing gin rummy and one player can draw cards until they get what they  need.  That’s like playing playing basketball and one team can call the game  as they are one point ahead.  Why work so hard when they can just cheat?

There is one good out come to this: Americans, more than ever, simply do not trust the government that rules over them, the press that lectures them, or the Academics that brainwash their children.  Can any American ever believe the polls again? Ever?  The Left’s long march through the institutions is complete — and we just realized it.

Now that the trust is broken, and our eyes are opened, and realize we’ve been lied to, cheated, and abused,will our hearts will finally ignite and seethe with rage? Will we find our will to fight?  It better; we owe this to our unborn descendants.

They never played by the rules — they used rules to keep us in place while they drew as many cards as they needed, or called a “do-over” until they won.   Their “freedom of speech” perverted our children; now that they have no need for it,  they impose laws against “hate speech” and use the Global oligarchies to silence dissent.

We’ve been told our opinions don’t matter or, worse, are wrong.  The box we are allowed to play in gets smaller every day as they forbid ideas — everything against the Left is “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, xenophobic, intolerant, divisive or anti-semitic.”  By following their rules we  have nothing significant to talk about — our opinions are forbidden.

Those hateful words should be like a red flag to a bull — it is time to charge.   Or are we kittens?  They control us only because we let them.  We believed them when they scolded us  like an abused child.  We bent over backwards so as to “not offend.”

We clanked shut the shackles on our own necks.

Today we wake up.  Today we realize that those who decry “hate speech” are the real haters — anyone who calls you racist, nazi or fascist ARE the haters.
Calling someone a Nazi IS hate speech.

Be angry.  Never be silent again no matter how many dirty names they call you.

When the big city mayors allow Anti-Fa and BLM to burn, loot, and murder, it is OUR cities they are burning — OUR statues, OUR businesses, and OUR country.   And those political leaders are just as guilty.

“They have no right to this,” you say, “they must be held accountable.”

The city government won’t hold them accountable.
The state governments won’t.
They district attorney’s won’t.
And that makes all of them just as guilty as the guy throwing a Molotov cocktail.
The government is on board with Anti-Fa and BLM and turns a blind eye to the cartels and the Epsteins who traffic in drugs and children.

Let alone the treason in the highest offices.

“It’s time we held our government accountable,” you reply.

And we tried, didn’t we? 

We turned out in record numbers to re-elect the one man who actually doesn’t treat politics as a career path, who actually believes in America and her people.    But they didn’t like that. So they think it is their right to steal it from us.

If due process does not work, and if voting doesn’t work, and if free speech is suppressed,  what do we have left?


It is time to form alternate governments, beginning on your street.   It begins with self-protection.   The Authorities don’t care about you — if they cared, they would have shut down BLM/Anti-Fa.  But they didn’t.

If the FBI was there to protect you, they would have done something.  But there have been no arrests, no indictments.  Investigations are just another way to mock us, to taunt us, to belittle us as we wait patiently for our betters to do something.  The cities burn and the FBI is more concerned about Snowden, Wiki-Leaks, Flynn, and the elusive Russians.    More man hours have been expended by our government to destroy a minor child who DARED defend himself with an AR-15 than all the arsonists in Anti-Fa.

Build tribe —  work together.  Because the government thinks their job is to  to rule over you — not to protect you. The Democrats sided with  Anti-Fa. The Republican Party values the Democrat party more that what is right — so they urge us to play by the rules and protest mildly when the Democrats run roughshod over the social compact.

 The press does not expose tyranny — they are part of the tyranny.
Republicans and Democrats and the institutions  have formed the perfect totalitarian system.

It is our time to create parallel institutions of law, justice, news, education, water, food, power and transportation.  We need to decide to rule over ourselves, once again, and not be scolded into a corner by the pompous know-it-alls who truly  think they are better than us.   “Militia,” should become a respectable word, not something to be embarrassed about — a privilege to be a member, not something to hide, something to feared, not mocked.  

When the Cartels come to your house — or Anti-Fa—  it must be you and your tribe that shuts them down and brings justice.   Our “justice system” has betrayed us — they have sided with the enemy on both counts. More is coming.

We need to re-learn what our ancestors knew.  At the end of the day, violence is politics by other means. Anti-Fa and BLM know this and act on with the consent of the Government and the Media.  But they don’t want us to — one rule for them, another for us.