Interview: “Fritz, Are You a Nazi?”

Q: Why are you picking on the Jews?
A (Fritz Berggren): I’m not — I’m picking on the Christians.  Christians have a very fervent dogma about the Jews that contradicts what Jesus says in the Gospels.  As you’ve read on my blog.  I have no quarrel with the Jews — my quarrel is with the Church.

Q: Yeah, but, what your write is offensive to everyone, especially to the Jews.
A: Jesus Christ offended the Jews, too.  Quite a bit, if you recall.  I try to stick with what is written in the Bible — plenty of offensive stuff in there for everyone.

Q: Many have called you a Nazi? Are you a Nazi?
A: Calling someone a Nazi today  is a tool used to dehumanize people and to justify their murder.  Not to mention that the German National Socialist Party ended long before I was born.

Q: Do you have any Jewish friends?
A:  If I did I wouldn’t bring it up. I mean, does that give me any credit with the haters? Of course not. It’s like the guy who is against open borders but then says he has Hispanic friends.  It neither gains you friends nor assuages the anger from the Left.  So if I did, I wouldn’t drag them into this — it is painful, I acknowledge.

Q: Can’t you talk about something else?
A: Sure. And I do.  For example, the LGBTQ agenda in public schools.  I assert that this society — this nation — as a matter of official government policy is grooming children for sexual slaughter.  In twenty years those children who have been groomed by parents, teachers, pastors, counselors, whomever — will point the finger back and condemn them.  There will be hell to pay, both for individuals who attack children and a nation who promotes the destruction of children through LGBTQ propaganda. 

Q: You like to be controversial.
A: The settled things don’t need talking about — but there’s not much settled any more in this country.  I have an opinion — I speak it.

Q: Many Christians argue that the Bible says that God loves the Jews.
A: Read the Gospel of Saint John, Chapter 7 and Chapter 8.   This isn’t a secret book.  I’m going to continue to unfold what the scriptures say about the Jews.  And I suggest that no one has a better grasp on the Holy Scriptures than Jesus Christ, so the issue is with Him and His thoughts.  I’d rather offend someone than distance myself from what Jesus Christ said — even if it is offensive.

Q:  Some say it is dangerous to say what you’ve said about the Jews.
A:  Yeah,  Jesus had the same problem.  His whole life they tried to kill him, from Herod right until the end, when they did.

Q:  Are you fomenting hatred against the Jews?
A:  The question to ask is: “Did Jesus foment hatred against the Jews?”   Or, can one just say — “hey, this is a pretty serious theological disagreement” and leave it at that?  I’m just passing on what is  explicitly written in the Bible. Jesus Christ warned His church —  “beware the leaven of the Pharisees,” which is their doctrines.  Judaism is an absolute rejection of Jesus Christ as God in the flesh, and those who reject the Son, reject the Father.  That’s just orthodox Christianity — nothing new there. 

Q: So are you a Holocaust Denier? Do you think Jews control the world?
A: Those questions are not my questions and those answers don’t interest me.  I’m interested in theology — what the Scriptures say about it — and it turns out the Scriptures have a lot to say about the Jews.  And there is a difference between the House of Israel and the Jews.   And I think this is where part of the problem is — they are not the same thing.

Q: Are you White Supremacist?
A: Based on what is in the Press  — from the Left — a White supremacist is any White not ashamed of their ancestry and who refuses to grovel before the accusers.  I’m very proud of my ancestors — the Fifth Commandment requires us to honor our ancestors.  Calling my ancestors “racist” is dishonoring my parents — something that Jesus specifically forbids.  Am I better than everyone else? Hardly. But I’m pretty happy with my ancestors and don’t plan on renouncing them any time soon.  And nor should anyone else — of any race.

Q: Are you a Christian Nationalist?
A: I have sworn allegiance to my King.  I realize that bothers some people, including Christians.  The name of my King is Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.  He has all authority over the earth right now.  Someday he will come again physically.  I have no doubt His rulership will disallow the worship of other gods before Him.  So, yes, I yearn to bring discipline to nations — to build Christian nations — many of them.  And they will all be different, just as individual Christians are different and churches are different.  But they will all swear allegiance, now in time on earth, to King Jesus Christ. No ifs, ands, buts, nor apologies.  

Does that answer your question?

Q: Close enough. One follow up: What about all the people who don’t agree with you?
A: Hey, what about all the people that DO serve Jesus Christ?  The Muslims have nation/states dedicated to their religion. The Jews have their own ethnic nation/state.  The Communists states disallow any competing religion/worldview. . . I’m thinking of China.  America certainly was founded by Christians — look back at the Pilgrims and Puritans. Go read the Mayflower Compact.  But now? It is a nation that has disowned God and disowned Jesus Christ.   I’m going to build Christian nations in honor of Jesus Christ.  That is the Great Commission — not just individuals — entire nations.

Q: One more: Will you unequivocally renounce the use of violence to achieve your goals?
A: I find that a fascinating question, especially as it surrounds our government leaders and politicians.  And even the Press — they hire armed guards, too.  Today there are seven thousand armed soldiers surrounding the Capitol.  The government is full of armed men  — violent men using violence — enforcing a political outcome.  Our top congressional leaders — any leaders really — have never to my knowledge renounced the use of armed force to protect themselves and their privileges.  That said, no, I have no use for violence.  My tools are writing and teaching. Seemed that tactic worked pretty good for the Christians two thousand years ago — they overturned that world — they  fundamentally changed the course of human history. That’s good enough for me — and that’s all I want.

Q: Thank you for your time.
A: You are very welcome.  

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