The Chosen People

The Jews are not “God’s chosen people.”  Some Christians criticize this position and rail against  “Replacement Theology” as some kind of heresy.  In fact, “replacement theology” is as legitimate as the replacement of Judas Iscariot with Matthias.   

Judas Iscariot was replaced. Another man filled his ministry. His ministry and calling did not go away, but Judas  did.  Someone filled that gap.  Judas is a type of the Jew, starting with his name, Judas, and linked to his town, Iscariot/Kerioth, located in the land of Judea.  

Jesus Christ (God) himself called Judas Iscariot to the ministry — it was Judas’ calling and purpose.  Jesus did not make a mistake when he called Judas.   Never-the-less, Judas turned aside and went his own way and the disciples understood that he had to be replaced.  So Matthias stepped into his ministry and took his place.   Judas was replaced.

Gods intent to replace the ancient Nation of Israel was clear from its very inception — God himself told Moses to stand aside so he could wipe them out and start a new nation afresh from Moses.   This replacement would be fulfilled in Jesus Christ —  who was the fulfillment of both Moses (who willed to be sacrificed for His people),  and from Him (Jesus), from which a new race would be born. That ancient nation was a stiff-necked and hard hearted people who always were resisting the Holy Spirit.  Stephen encapsulates this in Acts 7 when he reminds them that they rejected both Joseph and Moses as well as killed the prophets and became the murders of the Righteous One.  

Jesus Christ told the Jews that they would be replaced.  He told Jerusalem that your house would be left desolate and cursed the fig tree (a type of Israel) with eternal barrenness.  And in the parable of the wedding feast, those invited refused to come, and God replaced them with other guests.

At the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry he warned the Jews explicitly: don’t think you can say that you have Abraham as a Father, for I tell you God is able from these very rocks to make children for Abraham.   And that is exactly what God did — his first follower, Simon son of Jonas, is renames the rock — Peter.  

Jesus Christ himself replaced the entire nation of the Jews and the Sons of Israel.   He is the new (replacement) Temple — he is the chief cornerstone of that temple that replaced the old temple.  And we come to Him as living stones built up into a new temple to God.  Where was this stone laid? It was laid in Zion — “I lay in Zion, a choice stone, a precious cornerstone and he would believes in Him shall not be disappointed.”  Zion is His Church, His Temple, His people.  We, Christians, replaced the descendants of ancient Israel — we now are a holy race and a people of God’s own possession.

Can a “Jew” join this race? Yes — but only through Jesus Christ — there is no special arrangement for those who call themselves Jews.  Those who reject Jesus Christ are of the anti-Christs.  Judaism is a rejection of Jesus Christ.  Judeo-Christians means  Anti-Christ Christianity and I’m afraid that a fair portion of the Church has fallen into this deception.

I fear for the Christian Church — it seems to have allowed the Judaizers a fair purchase over theology — they seem to have made a way for others to come into the Kingdom but not through the One Door.  These are thieves and liars.  They have listened to the anti-Christs.  Why? Perhaps there were afraid of being called dirty names.  Perhaps they yearned for the praise of men. Perhaps they covet friendship with the world.    But it is wrong on all counts.

Who is the liar and deceiver? 

Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.  No one who denies the Son has the Father.

Are Christians unaware that the Old Covenant was replaced by the New Covenant? Are they unaware that Jesus Christ IS the New Covenant?  This should not be a complicated issue.   But because Church leaders have gone down this path, both Christians and Jews think there is another door, another way, another truth and another life.  This is a great falling away.

Wait! What About Romans 11!

Great question. Let’s do that, but we’ll cover Romains 9 through 13.

Romans 9: 1-5. Paul loves his race.  He is willing to forsake eternity if it would save them.  He’s channelling Moses, of course, who loved his race as well and asked God to blot him from the Book if God would not forgive them.

And you and I should love our own race as well.  Are not the Europeans as chosen as the Jews? More so, even!  For the holy Scripture (written in Greek) was aimed at the Europeans after the Resurrection and Paul and Peter went to the Greek colonies in Asia and then on to Europe itself.  Loving one’s own is a Commandment repeated and reemphasized by Jesus Christ and undermined by the Jews.   And love them not in words only, but in deeds. Tactic active measures.

Romans 9:8 is key: “it is NOT the children of the flesh who are the children of God.”  

In Romans 10:1 Paul again affirms is love and loyalty to his own race, and in verse 14 chastises those who won’t preach to them — for “how shall they hear without a preacher?”  And we know the opening chapters of the Book of Acts exactly what kind of preaching the need to be saved.

Romans 11:1 — Has God rejected his people?  No, there is a remnant.  Paul was a Jew.  As was Peter and Apollos. The very first sermon on the day of Pentecost saw three thousand Jews get baptized in the Name of Jesus.

So we are happy Jews can be saved!  But beware, just because you were called does not make you save from being burned.  Branches were pruned.  Those who do not bear good fruit will be throw on the fire.

Finally the Jews remain enemies of the Gospel.   And regarding Paul’s statement that the “gifts and calling of God are irrevocable,” I would say go and read the story of Judas, who was utterly replaced.  His office remained, but another filled it.  The Office of a Chosen People remains, but it is filled with stones, living stones, built upon Jesus Christ, and no man can say that the Jews are special because Abraham was their father.

Some Christians seem quite willing to build a little campfire around the Jews as God’s chosen people when it is clear they are not — those who reject the Son do not have the Father.    

In like manner, some Christian justify slavish obsequiousness before “the authorities” in Romans 13 where Paul admonishes us to be “in subject to the governing authorities.”  And this is all well and good — in context. The context is that Moses was a murderer — today he would be accuse of a “hate crime,” for he identified as a Hebew and slew and Egyptian.  Moses defied Pharaoh.   David did not obey Saul — he fled from Saul instead of surrendering.  Elijah by no means cowered before Ahab and Jezebel.  Did Jesus hold back from insulting the Jews, or breaking their own customs and traditions?  Did Peter or Stephen or Paul or Barnabas “subject” themselves to the “governing authorities?”  They were explicitly commanded by the Jewish government — the Council, the Sanhedrim — to “no more speak in the Name of Jesus.”  Did not all of the Christians of the early Church defy Ceasar himself by saying that Jesus Christ is Lord?  They were the domestic extremists of their days — guilty of word crimes.

So don’t build a campfire around something that can’t be supported.  God Himself prophesied a rejection of the “Chosen” people in Exodus 32:10 and they were all replaced by “living stones” built upon the Chief Cornerstone, our Lord and God Jesus Christ.  There is no other way into the Holy Race than through Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
16 September 2021
Washington, D.C.

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