Legitimate Government ONLY Comes From Blood

Legitimate government ONLY comes from blood.  Government’s or societies not based on blood are Jewish governments that have successfully de-racinated humans, stripped them of their natural protections, and made them subservient to men and their traditions.

Jesus Christ hated Jewish government.  The Jews had de-racinated their followers bySt. James of Matamoros gutting the Fifth Commandment — they replaced  honoring one’s own blood with the false loyalty of honoring a secular (or in their case, Jewish) government.

Secular government IS Jewish government, and vice-versa.  Judaism is not only a rejection of the God of Abraham, and David and Jesus Christ, but it is an utter replacement of the Law of God and the Word of God with man-made (secular) traditions.  Jesus Christ was exceedingly pointed on this on Matthew 15.  Jews  substitute the Law God for their own man-made traditions; and that is the definition of secular government no matter how you camouflage it with seemingly scriptural language or references that are only used as a tool to deceive the righteous.

Blood is the immutable human bond.  All government rejecting this as the fundamental tie are Jewish governments, which means secular governments. Judaism is anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Law — utter rebellion — no matter how much they gussy it up with references to scriptures or the God they long before rejected (and I say this because this is exactly what Jesus Christ said, repeatedly).  

God the Father is the first government.
He appointed His Son has Heir and Ruler and Judge.
Adam was the government on earth.
Sons become father’s and heads of their own household.

Brothers band together as kin, and kin into tribe and tribes into nation.  And together they protect their land and god and blood and tradition. There is no other way that does not end in utter slavery.

The sin of this current age is replacing blood and kin with false loyalties to traditions of men (Judaism).   This is cause of our own utter helplessness to defend ourselves our families, our kin and our land.

Like the Jews of old, the Jews/Secularists of today replace God’s order with man and the result is always tyranny and totalitarianism — a return to Babel.

Rebuilding requires more than tweaking man-made traditions — that only ends up in the same place.  We shall return to blood and faith, land and kin; this is God’s order.

Following Christ requires a loyalty to blood (Matthew 15:1-14) — only then will European man truly be able to protect himself.  Our God cannot protect us when we refuse a political/governmental order that rejects blood-based loyalties and that rejects the Son of God as rightful Monarch.  

Blood and Faith is everything.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Christmas 2021

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