Traditions of Men In the Church

As I contemplate the utter bankruptcy of the “West,” formerly know as Christendom, I come back to the same observation: this civilizational life-form (Christendom) committed suicide. Its philosophy, economics, morality, and self-perception are dead.

The state of affairs is not a technological problem, as many of the “Reset” and globalist leaders think it is. Their solution — control people with genetic modifications, instantaneous censorship, and finance  — is no solution at all.

Our abysmal condition relates directly to these two civilizational questions: “what is a person?” and “what is a nation, a people?” There is no nation without a person, and no person can be whole without their people.

The Lost believe a person is but a technological device that can be modified, changed, rebuilt, morphed and merged with other technological devices, including chips and DNA segments from other biologics, and even artificially created genes. As for the “nation,” it has simply ceased to exist in their minds — it has become an irrelevancy as they cap of the pyramid of global governance.

Leaders of this post-human movement believe they are well on their way to achieving eternal life and unlimited wealth. Standing in their way are the last vestiges of real people and nations. They seek to “enhance” (in reality, to corrupt) the biological person and their voice and will. Inter-locking directorates of international finance and banking and “rules” agreed upon by the elite have effectively replaced the Nation-State. They approach their final solution.

This two-fold program (elimination of natural persons and the nations they belong to) is not new; its origins lie in Genesis 6 (a mixing of kinds, a corruption of blood) and the Tower of Babel (the denial of nations under total global control). At this historical moment, the new Nimrods (Nimrod built Babel, the original Global Government) are extraordinarily close the locking down mankind in a non-human hell.

One cannot blame evil men for doing evil things — for they believe that evil is good.

One can blame the people who claim to be God’s representatives on earth: the Church, those baptized in Jesus Christ, and confessing that He rose from the dead. The church either does not see a problem, or think the solution is the fly away in a “rapture.” Yet, we are commanded to bring discipline to the nations and preach confession and conversion to individuals. This is the Great Commission.

The core issue is unbelief, in the Church. The first step in addressing this problem is to acknowledge the intellectual/theological bankruptcy we wallow in. The Church has gone the way of the Jews and elevated our own man-made traditions over the Word of God. They Jews had their “traditions of the elders” which became the Talmud a few centuries after the destruction of Jersusalem in A.D. 70. 

The “traditions” that the Church has subscribed to vary, but we are well on our way to having our own Christian Talmud. The Pope writes his traditions down (such as friendship with Islam) but, mind you, it took centuries for the Jews to write out their “traditions of the elders.”

It is useful to provide a few examples of “traditions” many Evangelicals subscribe to, traditions which transgress the Word of God:

1) The “Old Testament” refers to a body of Holy Scripture that has largely been replaced by the “New Testament.” [This is false — the old covenant that was done away with is the Temple worship and the sacrifice of bulls and goats. The Ten Commandments remain authoritative for social life and obeying them never granted personal salvation.]

2) God loves everyone and has a wonderful plan for our lives. [Jesus Christ was clear that serving Him required picking up a Cross.]

3) God desires that none perish, and He gave his Son for the forgiveness of sins. [As with Satan in the Garden, a half-truth is still a lie. John 3:16 forms that centerpiece of this tradition, and yet the most important word in that verse is universally ignored: “perish.” Without the word “perish,” John 3:16 means nothing.]

4) The Jews are God’s Chosen. [Jews are damned unless, like Saul  they repent. The Church — those baptized in Jesus Christ and openly confessing his Resurrection and Lordship — are the New Jerusalem, the Israel of God, and Mount Zion. Hebrew 12:22-29. Also, see Isaiah 60:14, which is interpreted by Jesus Christ in Revelation 3:9.  Modern evangelical “tradition” refers to Revelation 3:9 as “anti-semitic.”]

5) We must submit to the earthly authorities based on Romans 13. [Another half-truth: Moses, David, Jesus, Peter, Paul and the early Christians all defied “legitimate” authority.]

These examples scratch the surface of our miserable state. The bulk of these falsehoods could be addressed if the Church took seriously the Holy Scriptures, including that portion written largely in Hebrew.

The Church must believe again these basic ideas:

  • Jesus Christ is the Creator. He created the entire universe with the power of his spoken Word. John 1, Hebrews 1, Genesis 1.
  • Jesus Christ created man to be with woman — two sexes and two genders. Man and Woman were created to reproduce and multiply. Modern “traditions” call this “sexist.”
  • Jesus Christ hates the mixing of “kinds.” The mixing of kinds evil. Few concepts are clearer than the forbidden nature of mixing “kinds” of plants and animals with each other or with mankind.   There are eighteen references to division based on “kind” between Genesis 1 and Genesis 8.
  • God did not ordain that all of mankind should mix as one people. “No borders-no nations” is an anti-Christ slogan. God  intervened at Babel in order to separate out the various nations. He enforced the division by confusing their languages, and enabled to the division by providing nautical engineers through Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Modern “traditions” call this “racism.” He appointed boundaries, and times, for nations (Acts 17:26-27). Separate nations with borders are the natural (God created) anti-bodies to global tyranny.
  • Judgement is an overriding component our relationship with our Maker. Judgment entered in the Fall: God expelled from Eden and women began to experience pain in birth. The Flood of Noah “blotted out” everything that drew breath on the land that was not in the ark. Noah’s Flood annihilated corrupt men and animals. The Fall is precisely why a Redeemer, a Saviour, is required. Had there been no “Fall” from grace (as new traditions presume) the entire story of Jesus Christ makes no sense.  Modern traditions call hell and judgement “intolerant” and “hate speech.”
  • The Ten Commandments remain the abiding social construct for all nations. What Moses was given by God (whose Word is eternal) has never gone away. Each of the Ten Commandments has foundations preceding Moses (the Sabbath originated at the very beginning) and Christ specifically said that he did not come to do away with the Commandments, rather, he repeated them throughout his time on earth. Modern traditions call this “legalistic” and “old testament.”

Many Christians have no idea that this is a problem, and the problem is immense. Today’s Church largely does not believe in Creation (except as myth, legend and poetry), the Flood of Noah, the Garden of Eden, the forbidden nature of mixing kinds, Babel, the central purpose of different nations, or even the nature of Blood. We do not consider that Communion is drinking Christ’s blood, and many consider the Ten Commandments as unnecessary because “Jesus forgives.”

The only way the world can be saved is through the knowledge of the Word of God — Jesus Christ. How can we do that if the Church, by-and-large, no longer believes the Word of God? (The Jews made exactly the same error and overruled the Torah with the Talmud).

“Revival,” the second (after the “Rapture”) most sought after solution to Evangelicals, will not occur without a fundamental reformation of theology. We have to believe, again, in the Word of God. We must repent of the “traditions” we invented in order to make Christ more appealing to the world. Friendship with that world is another new tradition for the church, friendship with atheists, Jews, Moslems, homosexuals — Jesus Christ is now hidden in the closet as we have re-branded Him as the tolerant and diverse lover of all.

These traditions are a denial of Jesus Christ.  When the Church is ashamed of Jesus Christ and his Words, there is no salvation.

It is this repentance that is required: we have become ashamed of who Jesus Christ is. We have hidden Him from the world so that the world does not reject us. Our friendship with this world has made us enemies of God.

It is impossible to bring salvation to the World if the Church remains ashamed of the Lord and Saviour. He has been re-branded by man-made traditions in order to increase consumer demand (and that utterly backfired). When we repent of the “traditions of the elders,” perhaps then Jesus Christ may pour out his Spirit upon the Church, and the world may see the Light and Life of the Gospel.

But not until then. Or, will He find faith on the earth when He returns?

Fritz Berggren, PhD
25 April 2022

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