The False Bride (the Great Whore)

There is the real Bride and a False Bride (the Great Whore).  Too many “Christians” — Judeo-Christians —  have joined themselves to the wrong body.  Like Eve, they are deceived.

Jesus Christ calls  His people “out of her, lest ye share in her” sins.  This is the False Wife, the Whore of Babylon who believes she cannot be touched and falsely claims to be the Bride, the Chosen people,  when in fact she is the whore who sits on many waters (is in many nations)

The False Wife is like those call call themselves Jews, but are not, and are rather of the synagogue of Satan.

These are not unrelated entities — indeed the synagogue of Satan, the brood of vipers, the Great Whore of Babylon, the harlot, the antiChrist, those who murdered Jesus Christ and those who persecute His Church, those who call themselves Jews (but lie) are all manifestations of their true father Satan, who was a liar and deceiver from the Beginning.

Christians must heed Christ’s call to leave them and not even to give them a greeting.


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Rev 3:9
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Revelation 19:2
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Gen 3:14-15
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